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Game of Thrones- Dragons

Sketches of the three Game of Thrones dragons all grown up; Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon! 

More Bones

 Been pretty busy (in a good way!) with my new job... but I managed to get to the ROM recently to draw a some more bones!

In fact I'll probably have even more soon-- there's a special dino exhibit going on for the next couple months and you KNOW I'm gonna be all over that :D


Glamour Shots

DAMMMMN look at them sexy animals, with the poses and the expressions and the subsurface scatters! Enjoy :)


When animating my film in the realm of 3D, I sometimes find it helpful to draw out or rough animate a movement traditionally. Here's a little rough pose-to-pose that I did for my Mule's walk cycle in copic markers. Animation-wise the drawings aren't perfect, but they were extremely helpful process-wise. I'm confident I could animate any quardoped cycle in my SLEEP now!

Aaaand ADORABLE RAM! He'll eat your soul with CUTENESS.


Touched up the Mule's eyes for a more life-like look. I think I got a nice medium between realistic while still keeping the style cartoony. :)

Life Drawing Dump

Lots o' life drawings! Some older, some newer. Wanted to get some traditional art back on my blog for a nice change from my film (which is coming along quite well, by the way!)

Enjoy :D

The models!

Just some stills of the finished characters in my film. :) Enjoy!