Grant Museum Bones, London UK

Update of bone drawings from the Grant Museum of Zoology in London UK! The middle one is an extinct Tazmanian Tiger!!

The Witch

Hurray new art! 

Inspired by "The VVitch", a horror movie based on a spooky New England folktale. Thanks for your continued support, I'm intending to post more work soon!

Chicago Bones

More bone drawings, from the Field museum in Chicago! An Irish Deer who lived during the ice age, the largest species of deer ever discovered.

Car Show 2014

Copic marker drawing that I did at Toronto's annual car show, 2014.


Logo I made for the studio volleyball team, "The Soho Smashers"!

Logo for my friend's band Size Mech. They have two electronic bass guitars and no regular guitar!

Birthday card and Art Battles

My painting for Toronto's Live Art Battle 107, sold at auction!

Animal Sketches

New animal drawings from the zoo and Royal Winter Fair. Heading to the zoo again real soon, so expect more to come!!

Smaug- WIP

In honour of the new Hobbit movie, a canvas painting that I'm touching up. WORK IN PROGRESS-- check back for updates!

Goatie Unused Animation and Zaeed Massani

An unused animation test from my 3rd year film :P Kinda poop but I thought I'd share.

 And my first ever commission, done for my pal Hilary! Zaeed Massani, a Merc from the game Mass Effect 3. He's got the most badass stories...