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Bike Mural summer 2009

So for a while now I've been debating whether or not to talk about the mural I worked on this past summer, and I figured why not?

Working as a youth artist on the project, I was hired by Art Starts, a non-profit organization put in place to build healthier communities in Toronto through art. Here's their website, check them out!!

Funded by the Graffitti Transformation Program, the mural was bicycle-themed and is located at Dupont and Dundas West. I worked with four other youth artists and two lead artists. That wall was HUGE, but somehow we managed to get it done in under a month, and it was a great experience. I learnt new techniques and had a lot of fun. We got on CBC news, in The Star, and even won Now Magazine's MURAL OF THE YEAR!

Though it was mostly a collaboration between all of the artists, I did have more of a hand in some parts of the mural than others. For example, we decided to incorporate an Igor Kenk type of character, and I was the one who designed and painted it. The girl pushing over the stop sign is actually my fellow artist Curtia, and together we painted the rest, like those mounds of Igor's stolen bikes in the background.

Other parts I worked on were the gears with the planets, and some of the people on the bikes under the bridge.

Lastly, around the corner, we had a bit of a forest thing going on. I did the animals. My favourite part of the mural is that tiny fox.

Thanks to those who posted these photos online. As for the rest of the mural, if you wanna see it, GO SEE IT! :D

I like cute and badass things.

Me and mah wee doggy. I did it while not painting other stuff that needed to be done... aka school work. Kind of a redo of the balloon thing on the right side of my blog, cause that thing was done in 07 or something!!

And this is the skeleton of a Sabre-Tooth cat at the ROM. It was for an assignment, and actually we were asked to use modern day mammals... but this guy was too awesome.

Vector Doodles

Messing around with vectoring. I dunno if that's a Zebra or not...


Now how does this thing work...


I'll start off with something I did last year, the last painting assignment. Used a character from character design class, Armando the Armadillo. :D