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4th Year Film-- Animatic

TAADAA! My 4th year film goes 3D. Pre-production is done and here's the result- my animatic. :D

Please let me know if you have any comments or critique. I hope you enjoy!

NOTE-- This is not my finished film. It's just a benchmark!


Meet my new buddies, Coco and Pip!! They're so awesome :D Pip is a bit shy but is a real sweetie once he's comfortable with you. Coco is bold, but also a fatty.

Coco likes to steal food from Pip.

"Hey... that was mine!!!"

Gold Dust and TEA

Something I worked on on and off over the summer, it's based on aaaaawesome dubstep:

MMM, tea.

Starting Film Production

It's official, my 4th year film is underway! I've started modelling my three characters. These are some side reference designs, and some early ideas for rig setup:

Some initial sketches for figuring out how to make my topology and edgeflow:

Using my drawings as reference, I then began modelling my characters in Maya, using ZBrush for touchups. Here's some screenshots of the first model versions:

I just started the Coyote, so he's pretty rough so far. Time to get back to work!


This doodle I did while ago... I made cats out of shapes :D I ran into it again and figured I'd post it

Final Film Concepts

I'm sorry it's been so long without an update!! I was interning at a studio this summer, and though I did lots of awesome work, unfortunately I cannot distribute it. :( Not yet, anyway.

But for now, have some concepts I whipped up for my thesis film!

Life Drawing Stuff

A cowboy wrangling a wild horse, and some marker stuff from the car show at the TO convention centre. Is it just me or does the cowboy kinda look like Hugh Laurie?

The Shaggy Dog Story

A concept piece for a story we're making up in class. From left to right: Eric, Shaggy, and Gus!


This is my finished Action Analysis assignment. It's about a little Otter who's scared of heights.

 First half is storyboards, but stay tuned for the ENDING! It's full animation!!

This is a test of a stop motion puppet walking.