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Group Film Concept Art

Some concepts for my design pack in my group film. :)

Royal Winter Fair 2010

Some Royal Winter Fair drawings from the trip there this week.

These were called Voorburg Shield Croppers. They had huge fat necks. This mating pair were crazy about each other, it was SO CUTE.

Two kids. One is a Goat and one is a Jew. "OH GAWD PLEASE DON'T BWITE MY FINGERS AWF"

And some other animals. Palominos are my favorite colour of horse. :)

Pinup and Dawgs

Some stuff we didn't end up using for the Group Film, so I figured I'd post them here. :)

"The Pest" Birdies

Birdies from my 3rd year story proposal. Meet Pete the seagull and Gurdy the pidgeon!

Fear and Loathing with a bit of Quince

A little fanart I did for the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... I took the official coverart and pushed it even further, then added the quote from the movie.

EDIT: I've noticed there's been a lot of distribution/reblogging of this fanart, which is super awesome and I really appreciate the support! However if you do use it please be sure to credit/link back to my blog. Thank you!

And here's some doodles I did of my doggy Quincy. Enjoy! :D

Stuff on Facebook

These are on facebook already but I'm considering taking them down due to copyright issues that the website has... apparently they own any of the art you post on their site, so I might remove my work from there. So now I'm putting them here! :)

ABOVE: This is a thingy I did for my pals Deirdre and Tim over the summer.

Ace Ventura, pet detective!

A stencil I painted onto my balcony wall. It's titled "Rejected".


Hopefully you can tell that, yes, it is a Samurai riding a cow. Heheh. A little sneak peak into something I'm working on... testing out silhouette values. :)


So here they are! The Parasaurolophus one still isn't completely finished but I thought I'd post a bit of a teaser. Huge thanks goes to Mike for helping me with the photos!

Workshop Characters

So I was intending my next update to be photos of my completed maquettes from the summer workshop I took, but I haven't finished the second one yet. However, I figured I post a bit of the character stuff I did for the workshop.

This is the character I used for my first maquette. He's a giant long-horned flower beetle.

And this one's more for fun... for an activity where we took a past teacher and draw them as an animal. This is an adaptation of my 10th grade math teacher, Mr.Nullman.

That's all for now! I will post photos of both completed maquettes as soon as I finish them. :D

Dino Sketches

Went to the Royal Ontario Museum a couple times recently

More to come... someday!